4P CONTACTOR 25A AC-1 48VAC COIL LC1DT25E7 Schneider Electric

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Magnetic contactor – Schneider Electric (TeSys D) – 4 Poles (4P) (4NO) – Rated current (Un<= 440Vac AC-1) 25A - (50/60Hz) 48Vac coil - Screw-type terminal - auxiliary contacts 1NO + 1NC


Range name TeSys D
Main function Contactor (DOL)
Rated Voltage (AC) – Phase-to-phase 690 V
Control Voltage (AC) (50/60Hz) 48 Vac
Rated current (Un<= 440Vac AC-1) 25 A
Poles 4 Pole(s)
Number of Normally Open (NO) circuits 4 NO Pole(s)
Application type DOL (Direct On Line)
Normally Open (NO) auxliary contacts 1 NO contacts
Normally Closed (NC) auxiliary contacts 1 NC contacts
Compliant with standard(s) IEC60947-4-1
UL 508
CSA C22.2 No 14
Electrical durability (with load) (440VAC AC-1) 800 000 operations
Mechanical durability (at no load) 15 000 000 operations
Connection type Screw-type terminal
Net Height 85 mm
Net Width 45 mm
Net Depth 92 mm
Net weight 0.365 g
Primary brand Schneider Electric
Secondary brand Telemecanique

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