ACTI9 ITL16A 2NO 24VAC 50-60HZ 12VDC A9C30112 Schneider Electric

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Modular (DIN rail) impulse relay (iTL) – Schneider Electric (Acti9 iTL) – Rated current 16A – 2 poles (2NO) – Control voltage 24Vac / 12Vdc – 2 modules


Range name Acti9
Main function Impulse relay
Sub-range name iTL
Control Voltage (AC) 24 Vac
Control Voltage (DC) 12 Vdc
Rated current 16 A
Poles 2 Pole(s)
Number of Normally Open (NO) circuits 2 NO Pole(s)
Compliant with standard(s) EN 669-1
EN 669-2-2
Electrical durability (with load) 200 000 operations
Net Height 84 mm
Net Width 18 mm
Net Depth 60 mm
Size in modules (1 module = 18mm) 2 Module(s)
Functions Modular (DIN rail) impulse relay (iTL)
Primary brand Schneider Electric
Secondary brand Merlin Gerin

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