ELECTR.RELAY 20 A 38A 220V AC LR97D38M7 Schneider Electric

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Electronic thermal overload protection relay (TOR) – Schneider Electric (Tesys LR97) – 3 poles – Power supply (AC) 200-240V – Rated Current 20-38A (adjustable) – protection against locked rotor; mechanical jamming; overload; phase failure


Range name TeSys
Sub-range name LR97
Rated Voltage (AC) – Phase-to-phase (50-60Hz) 690 V
Supply voltage (AC) 200-240 V
Rated current 20-38 A
Minimum curren t20 A
Maximum current 38 A
Poles 3 Pole(s)
Normally Open (NO) auxliary contacts 1 NO contacts
Normally Closed (NC) auxiliary contacts 1 NC contacts
Compliant with standard(s) IEC 60255-6
IEC 60947
Connection type (upstream) direct to contactor
(outgoing cables) screw-clamp
(control circuit) Screw-clamp
Technology used in component Electronic
Protection function Electronic overcurrent relay
Locked rotor
mechanical jamming I > 3 x Isetting
Overload Imax > Isetting
Sensitivity to phase failure
Protection settings (Thermal overload) 20-38A
(Thermal overload) D-time knob 0.5-30s
(Thermal overload) O-time knob 0.3-10s
Primary brand Schneider Electric
Secondary brand Telemecanique

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